Well-Checks and Immunizations for Children

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to make sure all immunizations for children are kept up to date. Pediatric Partners of Raleigh makes this important task easy for all new parents and parents of older children to manage.

For the first two years of life, our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners will schedule your child for a routine wellness visit that will not only address the most common issues affecting babies, but also any specific questions that may be unique to your child.

Thereafter, a once-yearly exam and vaccination schedule for children of applicable ages will ensure your child is kept up-to-date on all immunizations necessary for entering school and overall well being.
Well-Checks & Immunizations schedule – Ages 0-6yrs
Well-Checks & Immunizations schedule – Ages 7-18yrs

What to Expect During a Well-Check Visit

After check-in, you’ll spend 5-10 minutes with the nurse before seeing the physician. The physician’s exam takes about 15 minutes, during which your child will be given a thorough physical exam. Any vaccinations that are needed will be administered at the end of the visit.

Because so much time will be devoted to the exam itself, we encourage all parents to write down in advance any and all important questions they may have to ensure we cover any additional questions that aren’t answered by the exam itself.

If any important concerns or questions require a more detailed follow-up, we’ll be happy to schedule an additional consultation at the next available time. In this way, other patients are allowed the same timely access to their scheduled appointments that we strive to maintain.

If you have any questions about special needs and special health care needs, the vaccination schedule for children, or to arrange a well-check visit for your child, please contact our Raleigh, NC office at (919) 787-9555.