New Patient Information

We appreciate you choosing us as the pediatric center for your most precious possession: your child/children. We know you have many options in pediatric medicine in Raleigh, NC and feel honored that you have chosen us. We think you’ll find that a small pediatric clinic like ours offers a more personal approach and feel.

Before your first visit to our Raleigh, NC pediatric center, please read over our new patient information, our policies, and our insurance and billing information.


Pediatric Partners Vaccine Policy

At Pediatric Partners, we strongly believe that getting your child immunized on time is essential to maintaining not only the health of your child, but also the health of the community at large.

We firmly believe that your child should be vaccinated as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) originating from the CDC and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is our policy that our patients receive the recommended vaccinations according the ACIP schedule, and at a minimum the required vaccinations for NC. Your child’s care here will be terminated if you choose to withhold the required immunizations from your child (see required vaccinations here and recommended schedule here).  We feel strongly about vaccinations because we believe that vaccinations are best for your child’s health.

Vaccines are among the best researched treatments for children. Multiple studies show that the vaccines are safe and do not cause permanent neurologic or developmental diseases in children. Furthermore, it is essential to keep immunization rates high so that we do not experience outbreaks or resurgences of many of these easily transmittable diseases.

For further information, consult the CDC or AAP websites.  For additional immunization information, visit the National Network for Immunization Information.


Expecting your first child? Congratulations!

We offer a complementary prenatal visit, after office hours, where you will meet with one of our doctors or our nurse practitioner. The prenatal visit includes a brief presentation about our pediatric services and the upcoming hospital experience.  There will then be time to answer any questions or concerns you may have and a tour of the office is given. We also have a certified lactation consultant on staff to support new mothers through the process of breastfeeding. Although our lactation consultant will not be present at the prenatal visit, we offer the opportunity for all expectant families to speak with her before your new child arrives.   We feel that anticipatory education is beneficial to everyone involved and encourage you to call us at 919-787-9555 to schedule a prenatal and learn about our practice!

In anticipation and preparation for the baby’s arrival and homecoming, a list of basic necessities is in the link below.

Preparing For Your Baby

We are glad to discuss questions you might have about equipment at a Prenatal or newborn appointment.


New to the Practice? Welcome!

Welcome to Pediatric Partners!  We look forward to meeting your family and becoming your Patient Centered Medical Home.   After you have scheduled your first appointment to Pediatric Partners, we will send you an email inviting you to our interactive Patient Portal.  Please log in and begin to edit the “My Profile” portion; this may reduce the time required to complete paperwork on the day of the appointment.  Also, please take the time to review our policies and insurance and billing information. We want everyone to be informed prior to the first visit to our office!

On the day the appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early and bring the patient’s insurance card.


If you have additional questions please contact us at (919) 787-9555. We look forward to meeting you and your family!